We can do a consistent work such as designing, NC lathe, laser processing, press working, plate working, welding, sheet metal working and painting. Please leave a processing of iron, aluminum, titanium, carbon and so on. No matter what you request, we will not say "No!" We look back on our experiences so far, think hard about it, investigate it, research it and respond to it for you.

1419-1 Kokubu-cho, Izumi-shi, Osaka 594-1114, Japan

Laser processing We can cut unworkable metals. Laser processing machines process without touching them, therefore a machined flaw and a deformation can be kept to the minimize. We accept both single item and mass production.

Press working We have two benders. We can do various processing which is an acute angle, a bending radius and so on, because it is high accuracy. We accept both single item and mass production.

Plate working, welding, sheet metal working We can weld a steel, a stainless, an aluminum. Welders have many awards at a welding contest.

Painting A coating film and a film thickness is uniform and beautiful. We can receive any paint color and accept both single item and mass production.

SHOEI's helpful
SHOEI's helpful
We promise! We will not say “No!” to any request. We look back on our experiences so far, think hard about it, investigate it, research it and respond to it for you
We have abundant knowledge, and experience of 50 years. We would like to meet difficult demands, because we are highly motivated for our work. Technology and facilities are also fulfilling. We have been cooperated and built trust with other companies. In addition, we have been learning many technologies from numerous failures, and never repeat failures. That’s especially why we will not reject and response any demands.
We promise! We absolutely make proposals for finding problems, efficiency, and cost reduction
 We are not mere subcontractors. We will not simply do what customers told us. The reason is that we appreciate your order and would like to be a “true partner” for our pride as a technician. Therefore, we will make proposals for finding problems, efficiency, and cost reduction. The most basic thing is to meet customer's request. SHOEI industrial is "Engineers with a mind to look ahead".
Why are Japan and Japanese companies being evaluated from all over the world? We think that the factor is in

Japanese quality control.

In SHOEI INDUSTRIAL, we place importance on two points
Aim for high precision processing
Some parts such as tools are processed

with accuracy of 100 minutes

in laser processing. In general, there are manufactured with accuracy of within ± 0.3. For canned products. But we are pursuing ± 1.0 mm.
Aim for improvement of skills through training, qualification acquisition and competition entry
For technical improvement, we hold a drawing study session within the company twice a month. We have been acquired a welding license and participated in the Sakai City Welding Technology Competition once a year, because we hone our skills. We are doing QC activities. If defective products occur, we pursue factors, take measure, review a procedure. Furthermore, we draw up a standard operating procedure and quality standards.
Today, we are required not only “technical strength” but also "human strength". It is the ability to put yourself in their position. We will find what the customer’s wants and what problems are customer’s suffering from. Then, we will realize your demands. “Human strength” is enhanced by having a challenging job and taking care of their colleagues, job and our customers. This is the basement of "business management". First of all, I should consider the happiness of my employees and the happiness of employee’s family. As a result, I believe that customers will be pleased if employees like their job and the company.
正栄工業株式会社 代表取締役 久保 勇樹
Representative Director
Yuki Kubo