We can do a consistent work such as designing, NC lathe, laser processing, press working, plate working, welding, sheet metal working and painting. Please leave a processing of iron, aluminum, titanium, carbon and so on. No matter what you request, we will not say "No!" We look back on our experiences so far, think hard about it, investigate it, research it and respond to it for you.

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Flowchart of Outsourcing

First, we receive the drawing and the design from customers or make them at our company. Next, there are two process flow. We manufacture the product by a general way that we receive a drawing or make it. Another method is a one-stop process in which abstract projects are considered with customers. I will make a drawing of the test item.
Although the purpose of use has been decided, don’t know the processing method, a shape, kind of material and so on.
In such a case, Sales engineer department will ask you for consultation and will meet fulfillment demands.

Common process flow
First, we receive the drawing, explode it (explosion mean that divided a cubic diagram into parts and flatten them in order to create a cutting program) and order the material. We prepare CAD data, manufacture with NC lathes, laser beam machine, bending machine and welder, and paint it. Finally, we deliver it to our customers.


Order the materials

Prepare CAD data

Laser processing

Bending processing





One-stop station
First, we confer with customer on a matter. After creating the prototype drawing, we discuss in the company, order materials, make prototype and discuss again. We mass-produce after the operation check with the customer. Cutting process is processed with NC lathe, laser, bender. We weld, paint and assemble them at the same time as outsourcing it to subcontractor. Finally, we deliver completed product to customers.

Confer with customer

Creating the prototype drawing

discuss the station and processing method

Order the materials for prototype


Check for doneness

Operation check with the customer

Quantity production