We can do a consistent work such as designing, NC lathe, laser processing, press working, plate working, welding, sheet metal working and painting. Please leave a processing of iron, aluminum, titanium, carbon and so on. No matter what you request, we will not say "No!" We look back on our experiences so far, think hard about it, investigate it, research it and respond to it for you.

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Laser processing

What kind of work can you product?
・Cut metals that are difficult to cut, because we can cut almost metals¹.
・Minimize the potential for developing a machined flaw and a deformity due to pressure, because we can manufacture without touching workpiece.
・Can product an item at a low price and quick turn, because don’t need a mold tool and cutting instrument.
・Scanned, converted to data, and cut products that don’t demand accuracy, even if they are hand-written cartoon.
・Confer with you about your request and image, if you don’t have a drawing. We converted to data and cut it after making the plan.

・Process a thin plate (from 0.1 mm) that is difficult to cut.
・Process carbon steel (ex. S45C and SCM440) which is easy to distort.
・1 kind, 2 kinds, 64 titanium can be processed.
・Process A2017 (duralumin) and A7075 (super duralumin).
・Processed heat-labile metals (ex. copper), because a heating area is small.


Make a drawing


What kind of product can we provide?
・The smallest product is like an accessory of about 2 mm. Large things can manufacture a life-size dinosaur.
・When you make with a mold tool, be too costly to implement. However, our lasering is economical process.
・Those products are manufactured in large lots, but the delivery period is short. Please don’t worry about such a case. Because we can manufacture 24 hours ago.
・We will accept a request that “I don’t have a drawing, but I want the same thing as this.”

Cut out an aluminum of 10 mm in actual size with the lasering machine.

①Cutting out a stainless of 1.5mm to a scale of one fiftieth. (the same data as the actual size)
②Cutting out a stainless of 1.5mm to a scale of one hundredth. (a line drawing thinner than sheet thickness)

Concrete case of accepting order:
・Frame of a rolling stock ・a part of bridge ・Component of car and motorbike ・Industrial tool ・Copper-made crimp-style terminal ・Accessory ・Fishing goods

Merit of ordering to Shoei:
・Since we are proposal-based sales, we will not only respond to customer’s requests but also propose beneficial processing method for customers.
・We achieved almost 100% in delivery completion. (About 1 or 2 times a year, delivery may be delayed. The reason why is that we may re-produce by a quality check in the company. Delivery completion rate will be about 99.9%.)
・Our lasering machines is high performance, so the post-process is smooth. (The high-performance lasering machines don’t generate burrs, the burr removing process can be omitted.)

Significant power CO2 laser Processing Machine:
・Tru Laser 3030 3200w 5×10
・Tru Laser 3040 4000w 2000×4000
Significant power Disk Laser Processing Machine:
・Tru Laser 5030 fiber 5000w 5×10 Processing machine + Automatic transport pallet
Low output power CO2 laser Processing Machine:
・FABOOL Laser Mini 3w 400×400
Burring machine:

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