We can do a consistent work such as designing, NC lathe, laser processing, press working, plate working, welding, sheet metal working and painting. Please leave a processing of iron, aluminum, titanium, carbon and so on. No matter what you request, we will not say "No!" We look back on our experiences so far, think hard about it, investigate it, research it and respond to it for you.

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Latest Article

Baseball game


April 20 (Saturday)

We played the third game with Asahi Dream Create.
The Shoei industrial baseball team gathered at the head office at 5:30 am and went by car to the pond park / exercise square in Hirakata.

The game started at 7 o'clock, and after 2 hours, the Shoei industrial baseball team won 5: 3.

Below is a picture of the game.

(Yuan Xin)

Monthly meeting in March


A monthly meeting was held on April 13

Everyone exchanged opinions on sales activities and committee activities in March.
And in order to express our gratitude, we give out a thanks card. The number of this month was 11,137. We were commended for each of the top three.

Distribution number ranking:
1st Mr.Miyazaki 2,057 pieces
2nd Mr. Kubo 994  pieces
3th Mr.Sakaguchi 738 pieces

Get a Thanks Card:
1st Mr. Yanagisawa 592 pieces
2nd Mr. Fukinbara 591 pieces
3th Mr. Sakanaka 569 sheets

Thanks to everyone's hard work, we achieved the annual target of 30,000. In addition, there is one more month in this term. Let's give out a thanks card to enliven the company.

Welcoming ceremony in 2019


April 1st, a welcomeing ceremony held for new employees in 2019.

There are 11 new employees this year.
In order to welcome new employees, we gathered all the employees in our head office factory.

President Kubo and the executives spoke greetings and expectations for new employees. New employees expressed their determination. As a surprise, senior employees read a letter written by a family of new hires. Lastly, they read a letter of appreciation for the family.

I also remembered the welcoming ceremony a year ago and decided to return to my initial intention and do my best.

(Yuan Xin)

We participated in “My Navi Job Seminar South Osaka Venue.”


On Saturday, March 23, we participated in "My Navi Job Seminar Minami Osaka Venue" at Namba Skio Convention Hall.

Currently, the environment surrounding the manufacturing industry is said to be severe.
Meanwhile, our management policy is based on "large family-oriented management". We will strive for modest mutual understanding so that each member's individuality is respected. In addition, everyone will be united without being alienated. If there is something to consult with the companion immediately, work as a parent and child brother, live and live true unity. As a result, we continue to improve the performance of the "Shoei Family."

We will continue to work together with sadness, enjoyment, effort and development as a family.
To that end, we are looking for friends who can create the future of Joei Kogyo and Japan together.

Our company has a 50-year history, but it is a redevelopment stage. You can meet a variety of challenges and opportunities. Make use of your own knowledge and technology on the stage of Shoei Iindustrial! ! !
The recruitment guidelines are posted on our website. Please contact us if you are interested. I am looking forward to seeing you.

Monthly meeting


A monthly meeting was held on march 13.

In order to express our gratitude, we give out a thanks card. The number of this month was 6,770. We were commended for each of the top three.

Distribution number ranking:
1st Mr. Kubo 703 pieces
2nd Mr. Sakanaka 463 pieces
3th Mrs. Tomoko Mori 377 pieces

Get a Thanks Card:
1st Mr. Fukinbara 430 pieces
2nd Mr. Yuan 376 pieces
3th Mr. Tsuji 369 pieces

The number of thanks cards has increased since last month. I am approaching my yearly goal.
You need to deliver 160 pieces per person per month to achieve this.
Thank you for your cooperation.

We have held a benchmark.


We have held a benchmark on 6 March.

To accomplish the 3S event, we’ve held a benchmark. KANDO marketing CO.,LTD, HUJIWARA dentist clinic, ASAHI DREAM CREATER CO.,LTD, GOOD FELLOWS Inc. , TOKORO CO.,LTD, IBE CO.,LTD, YUTAKA TRADING COMPANY, HANAHUSA dentist clinic, there were 18 people visited our company for the benchmark.

Mr. MURATA, who belonged to manufacturing department, has presented the morning assembly which we targeted it for the best of Japan from 13PM. After Mr. SAKANAKA, the chief of manufacturing department, has make a presentation for the “big family business Principle”. Overall, Mr. ASHIKAGA, KANDO marketing CO.,LTD, has revealed the grades that we got.

We’ve got 82 point at this time (last time was 84 points), and 85 points for the URADA factory(last time was 78 points). To evaluate our company as “The most touched showroom whit best salesman” we try hard every day.

The first game of SHOEI baseball team


The first match of SHOEI baseball team on 3/2. The opponent is team ASAHI DREAM CREATER. Everyone is happy about the game.
While unfortunately, we lost the game by 0:5

The director is Mr.TSUJI, and the captain is Mr. NISHITA. Since we establish this baseball team, we’ve practiced for 2 times.
Regretless of lacking experience, our members are the people who have positive thinking, and believe in we’ll win the next match. To gain the victory next time, members practice spontaneously at the parking area.

Early spring flowers


It is early spring, but it is still cold in the morning and evening. There are still dead plants in winter.
However, cherry blossoms and small flowers began to appear around Shoei Kogyo. It will be approaching spring soon.

Monthly conference


We have held a monthly conference on 16 FEB, and also made the environment maintenance after that.

In the conference, The president and both of managers have made a speech.
To gain the ISO9001 certification, Mr. KOUNO has given some advises and comments toward our company.
The following was as usual, we honor the people who delivered the amount of top three of the Thanks Card. The purpose of Thanks Card is to make employees appreciate and respect others

1st Mr. YUNG 386 pieces
2nd Mr. SAKANAKA 284 pieces
3rd Mrs. TOMOKO MORI 273 pieces

1st Mr. TSUJI 230 pieces
2nd Mr. IZUHARA 225 pieces
3rd Mr. SAKANAKA 165 pieces

The amount of Thanks Card become less than last month. To accomplish the target, everyone is asked to write more than 200 pieces per month.