We can do a consistent work such as designing, NC lathe, laser processing, press working, plate working, welding, sheet metal working and painting. Please leave a processing of iron, aluminum, titanium, carbon and so on. No matter what you request, we will not say "No!" We look back on our experiences so far, think hard about it, investigate it, research it and respond to it for you.

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Monthly conference


We have held a monthly conference on 16 FEB, and also made the environment maintenance after that.

In the conference, The president and both of managers have made a speech.
To gain the ISO9001 certification, Mr. KOUNO has given some advises and comments toward our company.
The following was as usual, we honor the people who delivered the amount of top three of the Thanks Card. The purpose of Thanks Card is to make employees appreciate and respect others

1st Mr. YUNG 386 pieces
2nd Mr. SAKANAKA 284 pieces
3rd Mrs. TOMOKO MORI 273 pieces

1st Mr. TSUJI 230 pieces
2nd Mr. IZUHARA 225 pieces
3rd Mr. SAKANAKA 165 pieces

The amount of Thanks Card become less than last month. To accomplish the target, everyone is asked to write more than 200 pieces per month.