We can do a consistent work such as designing, NC lathe, laser processing, press working, plate working, welding, sheet metal working and painting. Please leave a processing of iron, aluminum, titanium, carbon and so on. No matter what you request, we will not say "No!" We look back on our experiences so far, think hard about it, investigate it, research it and respond to it for you.

1419-1 Kokubu-cho, Izumi-shi, Osaka 594-1114, Japan

Plate working,Welding,Sheet metal working  

What kind of work can we product?
・Accept from single to mass production.
・Process canned products (bracket, frame etc.)
・Process sheet metal goods (BOX · cover etc.)
・Process mass production with robot welding machines.
・Weld stainless steel products.
・Weld aluminum products.

What kind of products can be provided?
・Aim at “high quality” “short delivery time.” We really hope you will say “I’m glad I asked Shoei industrial!” Even if the customer was refused a job by other companies, we will work passionately to manage.
・Accommodate a request from customers all you want when we were unable to satisfy your request. In addition, we will take the suggestions seriously and make it a source for growth.
・Even if the delivered item was of the same quality as the rival company. For our customers, we will acquire long-dearly value-priced technologies.

Concrete case of accepting order: 
・Battery box of electric lift
・Parts of electric lift
・Oil tank (snow removing car)
・Architectural hardware
・Support pole at antenna base station of smartphone
・Equipment panel of fire truck

Merit of ordering to Shoei:
・Make various suggestions not only to finish the drawings and specifications, but also to make it better.
・Think with customers and aim to grow with our customers.
・Reduce costs and shorten delivery times before customers. We would like to be a company that can reliably from customers.

Welding robot:
・Daihen FD 11 (350 A / with positioner) – 1 unit
・Daihen FD 11L (350 A) – 1 unit
Semi-automatic welding machine:
・350 A- 3 units made by DAIEN
・350 A – 6 units made by Panasonic
Automatic machine (manufactured by Amada):
・Amada’s VC 700 (350 A)
・Amada’s VC 1200 (350 A)
Argon welding machine:
・AC 500 A (Water Cooled) – 1 Unit
・AC 3 A (Water Cooled) – 1 unit
・Dual use 200 A (air cooling) – 1 unit
・Direct current 300 A (air cooling) – 1 unit

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